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The Magic of Magic Mushrooms: Benefits of Dosing

Maybe the stereotype of dosing on shrooms is a post-grad trip where you met your soul mate at a full-moon party, but we all know the history, depth and benefits of a shroom trip go beyond a giggly and ‘far-out’ time. Psilocybin has long been a tool for sacred journeys, self-awareness and discovery. Almost every […]

Enso Botanicals x ShroomGarden – Mircodose Capsules Now Available

Enso Botanicals Micro-dose Capsules Are Now Available for Purchase We are pleased to announce we are the first retailer to carry Enso Botanicals micro-dose capsules! Our customers will be able to buy directly through our storefront. Enso Botanicals is a up and coming magic mushroom micro-dose company based out of Vancouver, BC. Their capsules offer […]

Magic Mushroom Dosage Guide!

  Effects of Shrooms Psilocybin is the active psychedelic ingredient in psychedelic mushrooms. The threshold dose for feeling the effects from dried mushrooms is typically in the 0.2-0.5g range, though it varies for each individual person. A moderate dose in the 1-2.5g range, taken orally, typically produces effects that last from three to six hours. Psilocybin […]

Does Microdosing Magic Mushrooms Work?

Does microdosing magic mushrooms work? Silicon Valley tech execs swear by taking very small doses of magic mushrooms every few days — a.k.a., microdosing them — as a means of boosting creativity and productivity. Redditors report that microdosing alleviates their anxiety and depression, and even moms tout its productivity- and relationship-enhancing abilities. In June, Oakland decriminalized magic mushrooms, becoming the […]